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Forthcoming papers

Martinsson, P., C. Villegas and C. Wollbrant, (2015) Cooperation and social classes: Evidence from Colombia, Social Choice and Welfare.

Vieider, F.M., C. Villegas, P. Martinsson, and M. Meija, Risk taking for oneself and others: A structural model approach. Economic Inquiry.

Kocher, M., P. Martinsson, D. Matzat and C. Wollbrant, The role of beliefs, trust, and risk preferences in contributions to a public good, Journal of Economic Psychology.

Published papers

Akay, A., G. Karabult and P. Martinsson, (2015) Cooperation and Punishment: The Effect of Religion, Economics Letters, 130, 43-46.

Vieider, F.M., Lefebvre, M., Bouchouicha, R., Chmura, T., Hakimov, R., Krawczyk, M., and Martinsson, P., (2015) Common components of risk and uncertainty attitudes towards across contexts and domains: Evidence from 30 countries, Journal of European Economic Associations, 13, 421-452.

Vieider, F., T., Chmura, T. Fisher, T. Kusakawa, P. Martinsson and F. Mattison Thompson (2015) Between versus within country differences in risk attitudes: Implications for cultural comparisons, Theory and Decision 78, 209-218.

Alpizar, F., P. Martinsson and A. Norden, (2015) Raising funds for protected area finance: Using donations and/or entrance fees, Environmental and Development Economics 20, 311-326.

Akay, A, L. Andersson, P. Martinsson and H. Medhin, (2014) Positional Concerns among the Poor: Does Reference Group Matter? Evidence from Survey Experiments, Journal of African Economies 23, 673-699.

Martinsson, P., K.O.R Myrseth and C. Wollbrant, (2014) Social dilemma: When self-control benefits cooperation, Journal of Economic Psychology 45, 213-236.

Aravena, C, P. Martinsson and R. Scarpa, (2014) Does money talk? – The effect of a monetary attribute on the marginal values in a choice experiment, Energy Economics 44, 483-491.

Carlsson, F., E. Lampi, W. Li and P. Martinsson (2014) Subjective well-being among preadolescents - Evidence from urban China, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 48, 11-18.

Ibanez, M. and P. Martinsson (2013) Curbing coca cultivation – A framed field experiment in Colombia, Journal of Public Economics 105, 1-10.

Alpizar, F. and P. Martinsson (2013) Does it matter if you are observed by others? - Evidence from donations in the field, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 115, 74-83.

Johansson-Stenman, O., M. Mahmud and P. Martinsson (2013) Trust, trust games and stated trust: Evidence from rural Bangladesh, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 95, 286-298.

Knutsson, M., P. Martinsson and C. Wollbrant (2013) Do people avoid opportunities to donate? A natural field experiment on recycling and charitable giving. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 93, 71-77.

Carlsson, F., P. Martinsson, P. Qin and M. Sutter (2013) The influence of spouses on household decision making under risk: An experiment in rural China. Experimental Economics 16, 383-401.

Carlsson, F., H. He and P. Martinsson (2013) Easy come, easy go - The role of windfall money in lab and field experiments, Experimental Economics 16, 190-207.

Martinsson, P., N. Pham-Khanh and C. Villegas-Palacio (2013) Conditional Cooperation and Disclosure in Developing Countries, Journal of Economic Psychology 34, 148-155.

Ferreira, S., A. Akay, F. Brereton, J. Cuñado, P. Martinsson, M. Moro and T. Ningal (2013) Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe, Ecological Economics 88, 1-10.

Akay, A., G. Karabulut and P. Martinsson (2013) The Effect of Religiosity and Religious Festivals on Positional Concerns: An Experimental Investigation of Ramadan, Applied Economics 45, 3914-3921.

Löfgren, Å, P. Martinsson, M. Hennlock and T. Sterner (2012) Does experience eliminate the effect of a default option? - A field experiment on CO2-offsetting for air transport, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 63, 66-72. Download

Kocher, M., P. Martinsson and M. Visser (2012) Social environment, cooperative behavior and norm-enforcement, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 81, 341-354. Dowmload

Carlsson, F., H. He, P. Martinsson, P. Qin and M. Sutter (2012) Household decision making in rural China: Using experiments to estimate the influences of spouses, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 84, 525-536. Download

He, H., P. Martinsson and M. Sutter (2012) Group Decision Making Under Risk: An Experiment with Student Couples, Economics Letters 117, 691-693. Download

Akay, A., P. Martinsson and H. Medhin (2012) Does Positional Concern Matter in Poor Societies? - Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Rural Ethiopia, World Development 40, 428-435. Download

Akay, A., P. Martinsson, H. Medhin and S. Trautmann (2012) Attitudes toward uncertainty among the poor: Evidence from rural Ethiopia, Theory and Decision 73, 453-464. Download

Martinsson, P, K.O.R. Myrseth and C. Wollbrant (2012) Reconciling pro-social vs. selfish behavior: On the role of self-control, Judgment and Decision Making 7, 304-315. Download 

Alpizar, F. and P. Martinsson (2012) Paying the price of sweetening your donation – Evidence from a natural field experiment, Economics Letters 114, 182-185. Download

Akpalu, W. and P. Martinsson (2012) Ostracism and Common Pool Resource Management in a Developing Country: Young Fishers in the Laboratory, Journal of African Economies 21, 266-306. Download

Carlsson, F., P. Martinsson and A. Akay (2011) The Effect of Power Outages and Cheap Talk on Willingness to Pay to Reduce Outages, Energy Economics 33, 790-798. Download

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Carlsson, F. and P. Martinsson (2001) Willingness to Pay for a Reduction in Air Pollution - A multilevel analysis, Environmental Economics and Policy, 4, 17-27.



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